Virtual Dialogue 3 videos

Virtual Dialogue 3: Taking Charge of Your Care
Third International Virtual Dialogue

The Chondrosarcoma CS Foundation, Inc. held the Third International Forum / Virtual Dialogue featuring a panel of Chondrosarcoma survivors and prominent experts to examine new technologies, medications, and clinical trials, as well as providing information to help Chondrosarcoma patients make informed decisions to take charge of their care.

Navigating through the Healthcare Maze: Mike Snyder
Mike Snyder is a broadcast engineer for PBS in Albuquerque, New Mexico and a Chondrosarcoma survivor since 1996. Mike is the author of the book entitled: No Treatment Options Left: Fighting and Surviving Inoperable Cancer. Mike addresses navigating through the healthcare maze, when to get a second opinion and coping with stress and pain.

Treating Chondrosarcoma: Christian Meyer, M.D.; Ph.D.
Christian Meyer, M.D., Ph.D. examines the treatment and care currently available to treat Chondrosarcoma. He is the Assistant Professor and lead medical oncologist for adult sarcoma patients at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md.

Genetic Sequencing: Dexter Jin, Ph.D.
Dexter Jin, Ph.D. will discuss the benefits of genetic sequencing and how biomarkers can assist in the care and outcome of treating Chondrosarcoma. Dr. Jin is the senior scientist on the Cancer Genomics Research team at Foundation Medicine in Cambridge, MA. He works with FMI’s database of over 400,000 patient profiles for biomarker development to better understand the genomics of are cancers.

Treating Chondrosarcoma Using Radiation: James W. Snider, M.D.
James W. Snider, M.D. addresses when to treat Chondrisarcoma with Radiation and distinguishes the differences between standard radiation and proton radiation treatment. Dr Snider is an Associate Professor, Radiation Oncologist and Associate Medical Director at the University of Alabama Birmingham Proton International Centre.

Using Psychology to Help: David Bowles, Ph.D.
David Bowles, Ph.D. will address how to make the most out of your life and how to cope with stress, pain and anxiety. David has a doctorate in organizational psychology and is the author of two business books on employee morale and work culture. In 2017, David was diagnosed with pelvic Chondrosarcoma. After refusing surgery he completed proton radiation and started taking the IDH1 inhibitor Tibsovo to deal with his metastatic disease.