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CS Foundation is committed to supporting the patients, families, and caregivers impacted by Chondrosarcoma, a rare and life-threatening form of bone cancer. We strive to improve public information regarding this disease as we build a robust network of resources for patients and physicians alike.

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Shayna Elise Kramer’s Story

Learn more about Shayna, the inspiration for CS Foundation, here. Shayna’s dreams to better educate the world and support people suffering from Chondrosarcoma live on through our organization today.

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Please consider making a donation to CS Foundation to support us as we strive to make the treatment, care, and detection of Chondrosarcoma more effective and accessible.

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About CS Foundation

We strive to improve public awareness of Chondrosarcoma as well as the care, treatment, and detection of this rare disease.

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What is Chondrosarcoma?

Chondrosarcoma is a rare and life-threatening form of bone cancer. The cause of this disease is unknown, and effective treatment methods are not widely available.

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Join us in our fight against Chondrosarcoma and make a real difference in the lives of patients and their families by donating today!

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CS Foundation

Promoting Positive Change

Shayna Elise Kramer, the inspiration behind CS Foundation, expressed a desire to educate the world about Chondrosarcoma so she could help others suffering from this rare and deadly disease. She was always thinking about other people and never ever complained about her plight. CS Foundation was created to help improve the lives of those impacted by Shayna’s rare form of cancer known as Chondrosarcoma.

The purpose of CS Foundation is to educate the public about Chondrosarcoma, to support and advocate for patients and families that are suffering from this disease, and to improve the treatment and care for these patients. Most importantly, CS Foundation strives to advocate for more compassionate care, cutting through industry red-tape, and promoting the patient’s right to receive treatment - especially if experimental solutions are potentially life-saving.

Please Support Our Mission

CS Foundation is committed to educating the public about Chondrosarcoma and improving the treatment, care, and detection of this rare and deadly form of cancer. Please consider supporting our mission today by learning more and making a charitable donation.