Chondrosarcoma CS Foundation Board of Directors

Clinical Researchers / Genetic Sequencing

Dexter Jin, Ph.D.; is the senior scientist on the Cancer Genomics Research team at Foundation Medicine in Cambridge, MA. He did his doctoral work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I previously focused on understanding the invasive transition of breast cancers. At Foundation Medicine Dr Jin is on the Cancer Genomics Research team, where he uses FMI’s database of over 400,000 patient profiles for biomarker development and to better understand the genomics of rare cancers. Dr. Jin was invited to join the Chondrosarcoma Foundation because of his expertise in genetic sequencing.

William Cross, Ph.D. is currently a Research Fellow in the Department of Research Pathology, UCL Cancer Institute in London. He and Adrienne Flanagan, Ph.D. worked on the Genomics England 100,000 Genomes Project and looked at genetic sequencing of Chondrosarcoma Patients. Dr. Cross research involves genetic mutations found in chondrosarcoma cells that may have direct implications for patient outcome; namely that people with a specific mutation combination (in the genes IDH1 and TERT) do worse, hence they should perhaps be given more attention upfront. He examines the need for testing the presence of these biomarkers following diagnosis, which is done for other cancer types and is easy and cost effective in the modern oncology clinic.

Erlinda Gordon, M.D. is a practicing medical oncologist and serves as Director of Gene and Cell Therapy/Immunotherapy and Chairman of the Institutional Biosafety Committee at the Sarcoma Oncology Research Center in Santa Monica CA. Dr. Gordon is internationally known in the field of gene therapy, specifically, for the invention and clinical development of DeltaRex-G, the first and, so far, the only tumor/disease-targeted genetic medicine that has gained Accelerated Approval for chemotherapy resistant solid malignancies in the Philippines in 2007, orphan drug designation for pancreatic cancer, soft tissue sarcoma and osteosarcoma in 2008, and Fast Track Designation for pancreatic cancer in the United States in 2009. Dr. Gordon was recipient of a Research Career Development Award from the United States NIH from 1985-90, multiple awards from the United States Local and National American Heart Association from 1982-2001, RO1 research award from the USFDA from 2006-2008, an Award for Excellence in Biotechnology from the City of Los Angeles, CA in 2004, the Thomas Award for Medical Research from the UST Medical Alumni Association in 2016 and 2021.