Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day

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Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day

February 6, 2024

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The Chondrosarcoma Foundation is hosting an international public awareness campaign to support Chondrosarcoma Research and Clinical Trials. On February 6, we are proclaiming Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day. We are asking everyone to join us to do the following:

1. Get the Word Out. Join us in our efforts to educate the public about Chondrosarcoma, a rare bone and soft tissue cancer effecting an estimated 4500-9,000 people world-wide each year. Let your family, friends and colleagues know that February 6 is Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day.

2. Sign Our Petition. Get as many people as possible to sign our on-line petition to support Chondrosarcoma Research and Clinical Trials. All we need is your name and e-mail address.

3. Post Pictures wearing a Yellow Ribbon. Post pictures of you, your family, friends and co-workers wearing a Yellow Ribbon on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and use the hashtags: #cswecare, #chondrosarcomafoundation, #chondrosarcoma

4. On February 6, wear a Yellow Ribbon or a Yellow Wrist Band to show your support for Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day.

Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day is dedicated to honor the legacy of Shayna Elise Kramer who passed away from this rare cancer in November, 2019. This February 6, would have been her 33rd birthday. It was Shayna’s wish to educate the public about Chondrosarcoma and support patients and their families suffering from this rare disease.

Please join us and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to get involved. Help us build a strong coalition to support research and clinical trials for Chondrosarcoma.

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