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Please Consider Supporting Our Mission with a Donation

Even if you don’t already know someone who has been affected with Chondrosarcoma, CS Foundation invites you to make a charitable donation to our non-profit organization to help support our mission.

With your contribution, CS Foundation can continue to support the individuals, families, and caregivers who are impacted by Chondrosarcoma. Your donation helps us accomplish the following key goals:

  • Educate the global community about Chondrosarcoma
  • Support and Advocate for patients and families suffering from Chondrosarcoma
  • Advocate to improve the treatment, care, and detection of Chondrosarcoma
  • Support and promote treatment protocols that work for patient’s with Chondrosarcoma.
  • Support efforts for earlier detection, proper surveillance, and provide more relevant information to families, physicians, and caregivers
  • Create networking opportunities for Sarcoma experts to better address Chondrosarcoma
  • Fight for more compassionate care, eliminate barriers and promote patient’s right to receive life-saving treatment, even if it is experimental.

Click here to Make A Donation