New Article Posted on the Chondrosarcoma Web Site

A new article Treating Chondrosarcoma with Urgency and Compassion has just been posted on the Chondrosarcoma Web Site ( You can find the article on the Commentaries page (

The article examines problems and challenges in treating Chondrosarcoma. The intent of the paper is to give some direction to patients and families who have been diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma and stresses the importance of advocating for patients’ treatment by (1) insisting to cast a wide net and examine all available treatment options and (2) verifying through second and third opinions that the treatment decisions made are the right decisions. The article is also a message to the oncology community that there is a lot of work that needs to be done to find viable treatment options for Chondrosarcoma. Based on the case summary of Shayna Kramer, changes need to be made to offer compassionate and urgent care especially when Chondrosarcoma is rapidly spreading and in life threatening cases.

This article is one of three commentaries posted on the web site designed to inform CS Warriors, their families and the medical oncology community about the facts and challenges of Chondrosarcoma. Mike Snyder discusses how to Navigate through the Care and Treatment of Chondrosarcoma and John Gross, M.D.provides his insights on Challenges in Diagnosis, Grading and the Importance of Proper Classification. The collection of these papers are others to come serves the purpose of the Foundation to educate the public about Chondrosarcoma and provide support and advocacy for patients and families that are suffering from this disease.

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