Where to enroll in the Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 2 Trial,of INBRX-109 in Unresectable or Metastatic,Conventional Chondrosarcoma

Inhibrx submitted the attached poster at the American Society of Clinical Oncology ASCO Conference last month. It addresses the Phase 2 study and the locations where they plan to have their our pivotal study for the medication INBRX-109. The best place for Chondrosarcoma patients to reach out to is to go to clinicaltrials which is monitored frequently and can direct patients to the correct locations. You can also go on clinicaltrials.gov which is the federal registry of clinical trials and can click the “investigator tab” to see who is currently enrolling for the study in which state.


There are 51 new sites in 8 countries:
United States 30
France 3
Germany 2
Ireland 1
United Kingdom 4
Spain 5
Italy 4

Netherlands 2

For more information contact Michelle Darling or Kevin Bayer at clinicaltrials