Webinar on Chondrosarcoma Research Progress on June 26 at 4:00PM EST

In 9 days check out the webinar on Progress in Chondrosarcoma Research.

Meet Adrienne Flanagan, Professor of Musculo- Skeletal Pathology at University College London’s Cancer Institute.

As a highly accomplished medical researcher, Dr. Flanagan works closely with patient groups and focuses on identifying the genetic alterations involved in tumors to aid in the process of diagnosing bone and soft tissues cancers like Chondrosarcoma.

Dr. Flanagan will be addressing Progress in Chondrosarcoma Research in a webinar presented by the Bone Cancer Research Trust on Friday, June 26th at 4 PM (EST)

To register for this highly informative webinar, click the link below or visit our website, csfshayna.org, for this and more on the fight against Chondrosarcoma. 💛