Virtual Dialogue has 93 Registrations Far Exceeding Expectations

In five days, on November 17, at 7:30pm (Eastern Standard Time / New York), the Chondrosarcoma Foundation will host its first Virtual Dialogue: Straight Talk About Chondrosarcoma. We are fortunate to be bringing together a large diverse group consisting of CS patients and family, oncologists, sarcoma specialists, radiology oncologists, pathologists and CS clinical researchers from all over the world. So far we have 93 registrations / attendees, far exceeding our expectations.

We will be on-line at 7:15pm to open the forum to all attendees and will begin the forum promptly at 7:30pm. We are setting up the forum so you can enter without being accepted however, if you have difficulty getting into the forum you can text me at 301-404-7100 (for international attendees you can text using Whats App) or use the alternate text 240-472-6021.

We will begin the meeting with the presentation by John Gross, M.D.; Challenges in Diagnosis, Classification, and Grading of Chondrosarcoma, we have also asked and invited our clinical researchers to also provide us with a brief update on their research on Chondrosarcoma.

During the presentation we request that the attendees mute their audio to prevent any distraction during the meeting. We also want to encourage the use the chat feature to type in a question or comment; you can send your message privately to me, your host or to the presenter or you can send your questions or comments to everyone.
We are in search of answers and bringing this diverse group together is a step in the right path to obtaining answers. Our hope is that all of you will take away knowledge, resources and hope from this event. It is important to keep in mind that our dialogue will address Chondrosarcoma in generic terms. It is not possible to address specific concerns, although we hope that the information presented will be applicable to all our CS Warriors and families.