Update on INBRX Clinical Trials from Inhibrx

The INBRX 109 Clinical Trials will shortly resume recruiting patients for their Phase 2 Clinical Trial treating patients with Conventional Chondrosarcoma with recurrence or metastasis. Listed below is a response from Inhibrx:

We have just released our newest amendment to the protocol for both the Phase 2 and Phase I INBRX-109. These protocols both now implement the Hepatic Steatosis Index, or HSI, into our screening criteria protocol. Our clinical sites will be submitting to their Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) for approval and adapting their informed consent forms so that new and active patients are provided the current study information and requirements.

That said, sites will be able to screen and enroll once those approvals are in place.

We expect our first batch of sites here in early May and throughout the summer…both domestically and internationally.

Last, as we resume enrollment in these studies will we begin to work on our Expanded Access Program updates…timing of that formal initiative is pushed out a bit, and I will keep you posted.

Patient inquiries into participation can go to their nearest site or preferred location on clinicaltrials.gov!