Individual Coalition member organizations – Informing their patient communities – offering information for patients and families to donate to this cause should they wish to do so. The Sarcoma Coalition wishes to initiate advocacy/action for a humanitarian effort to support the Ukrainian cancer/sarcoma patients who have been displaced from their homes, having moved to other countries to survive and hopefully receive the cancer care they need.

The Coalition recognizes that cancer patients, especially rare cancer patients, are in dire need of humanitarian assistance, support, advocacy for continued treatment as well as initial diagnoses to continue. According to estimates by the American Cancer Society, approximately 180,0000 newly diagnosed Ukrainian cancer patients are fleeing their homeland, as well as those who are currently in treatment. Interruption in treatment is an unfortunate and dire consequence of the current aggression against the Ukrainian people. Survivorship is at stake from initial cancer diagnosis through the treatment and recovery journey.

Professor Dr. Uta Dirksen, pediatric oncologist at the University Hospital in Essen, Germany is involved in the coordination of European efforts to direct young cancer patients arriving from the Ukraine into sarcoma centers throughout Europe, in order to re-start and / or re-evaluate their current cancer treatment – and thus help save lives of the most vulnerable. Many children have been transported to centers – children suffering from sarcomas and other cancers, “bringing them from arrival points in Poland to other European countries, to specialized medical experts as soon as possible,” as indicated by Dr. Dirksen. Interrupted care because of the unavailabiity of medication is another concern.
On behalf of the members of the Sarcoma Coaltiion, to quickly take action to show solidarity and support for sarcoma patients and families is the goal. If you agree to monetarily support this cause, and immediately support Professor Dirksen’s efforts of international engagement, please support this initiative by donating here:

Essener Elterninitiative zur Unterstutzung krebskranker kinder e.V.

Bank account for donations:
Bank: Sparkasse Essen
IBAN: DE06 3605 0105 0001 9551 11

Online Donations:

NOTE: This information has been shared with us by Sarcoma Patient’s Euro.Net – Germany. If more information is needed, please contact