So Far 70 Registrations for Virtual Dialogue 2: March 20 at 1:00pm EST / New York Time

The Virtual Dialogue is scheduled for Saturday, March 20 at 1:00pm (Eastern Standard Time / New York). Registration for the Virtual Dialogue is still open but we are excited to share that as of today, we have 70 registrations from 10 different countries including, US, UK, Belgium, Ireland , Italy, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Israel and the Philippines and in addition to CS Warriors and their families, we have Pathologists, Oncologists, Oncology Radiologists, Clinical Researchers and Sarcoma Specialists from at least nine institutions including MSK, Johns Hopkins, Mass General, New York University, NIH, Yale, Harvard, Univ of Ala Birmingham, University of Miami, and UK, National Orthopaedic Hospital. We are fortunate to be bringing together a large diverse group consisting of CS patients and family, oncology experts from all over the world.

We will begin the meeting with the presentation by Jonathan Trent, M.D. who will review the clinical trials he conducted with Ivosidenib (Tibsovo), talk about its effectiveness, and the role medication will have in treating Chondrosarcoma followed by Adrienne Flanagan, MB. Ph.D. Dr Flanagan will discuss her research on diagnostic markers for Chondrosarcoma which are being used globally, as well as innovative improvements like simple blood tests to detect these biomarkers. This will be a very informative event with two leading pioneers that can make a difference in the way we diagnosis and treat Chondrosarcoma.

We are in search of answers and bringing this diverse group together is a step in the right path to obtaining answers. Our hope is that all of you will take away knowledge, resources and hope from this event. It is important to keep in mind that our dialogue will address Chondrosarcoma in generic terms. It is not possible to address specific concerns, although we hope that the information presented will be applicable to helping CS Warriors and families make informed decisions on their treatment and care.

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