Ricky Ashman is skydiving for the Chondrosarcoma Foundation in England on September 26

On September 26, in England Ricky Ashman is raising £500 to Ricky by jumping a 15000ft sky dive to raise money and awareness for the Chondrosarcoma Foundation.

I am doing a skydive to raise money for the Chondrosarcoma Foundation. It is a cause close to me because my Mum has suffered this rare form of bone cancer, which had no treatment available due to its rarity. Luckily for us, the amazing team at Stanmore Hospital, London were able to remove the tumour, replace her shoulder and part of her arm with metalwork. If this was not successful, there would have been no treatment available to help her.

The Foundation is committed to raising awareness, creating a connecting hub for international medics and patients to share information. It is also in the process of raising money to set up an international database of patients, professionals, treatments, research and drug trials and will include information gathered from the increased use of genetic testing. All in order to help move towards progress in the diagnosis and treatment of this rare condition. It is a selfless effort from a man/ family who have suffered the loss of a daughter at a young age. Some people really know how to make a difference!

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