Reaching Out for Support for Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day: February 6, 2021

We are $167 away from reaching our goal to hire a Marketing / Public Relations expert to help us with broadcast media and social media getting the word out about Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day. The event will take place on February 6 in honor of Shayna’s birthday. We aim to do the following:

1. Educate the public about Chondrosarcoma, a rare bone and soft tissue cancer effecting 4500 people world-wide.

2. Reach and have as many people as possible sign a petition supporting Chondrosarcoma Research:

3. On February 6, wear a yellow ribbon to show your support for Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day.

4.. Take a picture with you, family and friends wearing a Yellow Ribbon on Social Media and use the hashtag: #cswecare

Encourage your family, friends and colleagues to get involve and help us build a strong coalition to support research for Chondrosarcoma. Do it for Shayna.