New Research Project on Chondrosarcoma

Hi all, a pioneering new chondrosarcoma research project funded by BCRT has been announced today. Full details and link below We’re delighted to announce we have awarded Dr William Cross, from UCL Cancer Institute, £70,000 to focus on chondrosarcoma research.

Dr Cross’s pioneering one-year project will explore, for the first time, how mutations in chondrosarcoma change over time and how this relates to disease progression and dissemination throughout the body. The results could eventually provide biomarkers that can be used to make earlier diagnosis of aggressive disease, and therefore facilitate early intervention, and potential recruitment to clinical trials.

The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) have recently identified chondrosarcoma as a priority. To date we have funded 4 chondrosarcoma-specific research projects totalling £219,918, plus 25 of our other research projects have also benefited chondrosarcoma research. We are committed to funding ground-breaking research which will revolutionise how chondrosarcoma is treated in the future to ultimately save more lives and improve outcomes.

To find out more about this pioneering new research project, click here:

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