New Commentary on The CS Foundation Web Site:

The Chondrosarcoma Foundation has just posted an article that you should review and reference as a guide for your treatment and care. John M. Gross, MD joined the Chondrosarcoma Foundation Board in May, 2020. During his transition from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD; Dr. Gross worked on this article in his spare time.

The article is entitled: Chondrosarcoma, Challenges in Diagnosis, Grading and the Importance of Proper Classification It is written to educate Oncologists, Chondrosarcoma patients and their families about the different types of Chondrosarcoma along with the differences in their grading (from Grade I to Grade III). It also examines the challenges in diagnosing and classifying the different types and grades of Chondrosarcoma. This article is worthy of publication in a medical journal and we are very honored to be the first to share this information on the CS Foundation website. See the link below:

This article is technical with a lot of medical information geared towards Oncologists. However, the information presented can be very useful for all CS patients to have a greater understanding their own diagnosis and can help in determining your specific course of treatment. I would make the following suggestions in your review:

1. Read the article carefully with particular interest to your diagnosis.
2. Use the search engines (i.e. Google) to look up any medical terms that you do not understand.
3. Insist on getting your own pathology report and if possible, pictures of the slides from your biopsy.
4. Use the information in the article as a guide to ask pertinent questions to your Oncologist and Pathologist.
5. Insist on having a consultation with an expert pathologist about your diagnosis.
6. Do not hesitate in asking for a second opinion especially with an expert pathologist.
7. Feel free to e-mail the Foundation with any questions you have regarding the article and how it relates to your diagnosis. Our e-mail address is: