Mike Snyder a CS Survivor will address Taking Charge of Your Care on September 14

Taking Charge of Your Care
Virtual Dialogue 3
September 14, 7:30PM -9:00PM EST Via Zoom
Registration: https://csfshayna.org/virtual-dialogue3-registration/

Chondrosarcoma Survivors and Sarcoma Providers will discuss how you can make informed decisions to take charge of your care. One of the five presentors is Mike Snyder.

Mike Snyder lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife, Sarah. They have two children, Nicholas and Stephanie. Mike has worked in broadcast engineering for 40 years. He has been dealing with chondrosarcoma since 1996. The fight became intense in 2005 when he lost is leg to the disease and it began to metastasize to his lungs. After several unsuccessful drug trials, Mike joined the trial for AG-120 in late 2014 and it has successfully slowed the growth of his tumors. Mike also is a pioneer for institutional change by being one of the first patients in a clinical trial to get his medication sent to New Mexico as opposed to traveling once or twice a month to Texas.

He continues working full-time, enjoying time with Sarah and grilling whenever he gets the chance. He says, “Cancer doesn’t get to win; not now, not ever.” Mike is also the author of the book entitled: No Treatment Options Left: Fighting and Surviving Inoperable Cancer.

Mike will address navigating through the healthcare maze, when to get a second opinion and coping with pain and stress.

Please join us for this very informative event. No fees and all we need is your e-mail address to register. www.csfshayna.org/virtual-dialogue3-registration/