Message from Shayna Kramer on Sarcoma Awareness Month

Listed below is a message sent by my late daughter Shayna two years ago (July 2, 2019) to promote Sarcoma Awareness Month.

Yesterday was the first day of Sarcoma Awareness Month. As someone that is currently fighting a sarcoma I can say that my life has change so much since I was first diagnosed in August 2016 and then again this April. Battling Chondrosarcoma has been the hardest fight of my life. Each day is a challenge. I push myself to stay positive and know that I am going to win this fight. Sarcoma effects a lot of people but it is not as well know as other cancers. One of my doctors said to me that there is no spokesperson for any type of Sarcoma and that’s why the public doesn’t know about it as much. He’s right. My goal and hope is to be the voice for everyone that is fighting any type of Sarcoma and to make Sarcoma Awareness month as big as Breast Cancer Awareness month and Childhood Cancer Awareness month! 💛🎗

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