Message from a CS Survivor : Sharing her Story

I was diagnosed with a Chondrosarcoma of the right auxiliary and of the Rib in March 2020,, I had suffered tremendous pain of my shoulder for a year before it was found. I had many scans and X-rays done and it went unseen. I had scheduled a Mammogram because I had began to swell really bad under my armpit and my arm became for hard to use because of radiating pain. When I had my Mammogram done that’s when the mass was found, it had grew into my ribs and possible nerves,, I had what was called limb sparing surgery a local wide incision and also my second rib removed. The Surgery took place April 17,2020 during the midst of the Pandemic, I didn’t need to receive chemo or radiation because surgery was told it would treat alone. But sadly unfortunately they are thinking I have a recurrence in my knee which is raising grave concerns, it’s the same symptoms as I had from the one in my shoulder I will definitely keep you updated 💛💛💛

My Name is Samantha Dallas I’m 33 yrs old,, and yes I will definitely keep you all updated,, and it was a honor to share my story with you💛🎗🌻