Kayla Verret: A Mother, A Wife, A Nurse, A Fighter

Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day is just one week away on Sunday, February 6. As we approach this date, we have been posting stories about Chondrosarcoma Warriors defying the odds and winning their battle against this rare bone and soft tissue disease as well as honoring those who lost their battle from this terrible cancer. Our last story is about a beautiful young mother, wife and nurse from Louisiana who lost her battle last year from Chondrosarcoma.

We hope you have found these stories informative and inspirational. The stories we have been sharing with you have been written by CS Warriors, Caretakers and their family members willing to share their story. They are all different and unique, but what we found in common among them is that the CS Warriors and their families were strong, kind, loving, spiritual and giving.

Some readers who have medical knowledge of the different types and grades of Chondrosarcoma have been interested in knowing that information with these tributes. We advocate for the importance of knowing your diagnosis including the type and grade of Chondrosarcoma but that information is not always known or understood. It is also important to recognize that every story, every case, every diagnosis of this rare cancer is different and unique. That being said, it is not just the Clinical Researchers, Sarcoma Specialists but we all make a contribution to this cause. It is important to share our stories, learn from each other and contribute to creating better treatment options and ultimately a cure.

That is why it so important for all of us to work together. Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day: February 6 is our effort to reach out to the public around the globe and educate them about this rare cancer, to think about all who are fighting and those who have passed. It is important to get the word out to your family, friends and co-works and join us in the effort to support increased research and clinical trials; by submitting your name and email to our petition: www.csfshayna.org/support-cs-research/

On February 6, please remember these and other stories of CS Warriors who are living their lives to the fullest and others who lost their battle to this beast. In their honor, please wear a Yellow Ribbon, take pictures wearing the ribbon and post those pictures on social media using #cswecare