For Sarcoma Awareness Month: A New Article on Insurance Authorizations

The Patient / Family / Caregiver Advisory Board of the Chondrosarcoma Foundation has created a series of Educational Articles dedicated to helping patients who under treatment for Chondrosarcoma or any other Sarcoma. The easy to read articles are designed to provide useful information in helping patients, families and caregivers make critical medical decisions. The second of these articles is entitled: Insurance Authorizations And Getting Your Care Approved. The article offers sound advice on what steps to take if your insurance claim is denied or delayed. With the help of the graphics team at Inhibrx, we created an easy to read, article with tips advice and resources in getting insurance claims authorized.

The article is posted on the Chondrosarcoma Foundation website ( under the sub-title: Helpful Information. We encourage everyone to check it out and pass it on to anyone that is having trouble getting their insurance claims approved.

Insurance Authorizations and Getting Your Care Approved (