Final Tribute and Introduction of the Daniel B. Hurley, M.D. Endowment Fund

Tomorrow, February 6 is Chondrsarcoma Awareness Day.

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Daniel Brian Hurley, M.D. passed away August 3, 2023, from dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma at age 50 surrounded by his loved ones. In addition to being a family man, Dan was a compassionate and highly competent Otolaryngologist, trusted advisor, and respected leader to physician peers and patients. He was a selfless person, always wanting to help and make things better for others. Dan was discouraged when his insurance company denied a PET scan requested by his physician which resulted in his care plan being altered. This incident, in conjunction with an insurance denial of his son’s orthopedic surgery a few years earlier, fueled his desire to enact change. He enrolled in law school to dedicate himself to fighting for dignity and justice for chondrosarcoma (and other) patients. Dan’s mission was to bring transparency and accountability to the physicians on the insurance side who are denying and delaying care as recommended by the patient’s chosen physician. He recognized the magnitude of this issue through personally experiencing frequent denials and delays in his own care. Based on his experience, Dan joined the Chondrosarcoma Foundation and wrote an article on navigating through the insurance authorization process and the subsequent denials for the Foundation’s website.