David Bowles, Ph.D., Author, Psychologist and CS Survivor will address Taking Charge of Your Care on September 14

Chondrosarcoma CS Foundation, Inc.Virtual Dialogue 3: Taking Charge of Your Care

Third International Virtual Dialogue (VIA Zoom)

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

7:30PM – 9:00PM (Eastern Standard Time / New York)

Join Us for This Very Informative Event


The Chondrosarcoma CS Foundation, Inc. will host its Third International Forum / Virtual Dialogue featuring a panel of Chondrosarcoma survivors and prominent experts to examine new technologies, medications, and clinical trials, as well as providing information to help Chondrosarcoma patients make informed decisions to take charge of their care.

David Bowles, Ph.D. was born in London and educated at several European universities before earning a doctorate in management sciences/organizational psychology from Manchester Business School, UK. He had a long career in US and EU-based management consulting, before retiring and writing two business books on employee morale/engagement and work culture. In 2017 David was diagnosed with pelvic chondrosarcoma, and after refusing surgery, completed proton radiation. Following a significant period of complete remission, he started taking the IDH1 inhibitor Tibsovo in early 2020 to deal with metastatic disease, and has been stable ever since. David’s goal is to help people facing this disease and to try and move treatment options away from debilitating surgeries which have been the standard of care. He lives in San Diego and Bavaria, Germany.

David will address coping with pain, stress, anxiety, how to get the information to make informed decisions and tips for taking charge of your care.