Chondrosarcoma Patient Registry at one month

The Chondrosarcoma Foundation in partnership with NORD® launched the Chondrosarcoma Patient Registry on March 1, a little over one month ago. The registry currently has 60 participants. We want to encourage everyone in the community to participate.

The patient information that the registry collects will help give direction to scientists on areas in which to focus their research efforts, and to hopefully allow clinicians to see trends in patient responses to treatment for chondrosarcoma. The hope for the future is to illuminate treatments that have had some success that may become the standard of care for this rare bone cancer.

The Chondrosarcoma Patient Registry creates a platform for patients around the world to strengthen their voices and share information about this rare bone cancer. This global resource will provide data for researchers to use to advance drug development and treatment options to help improve patient care. As it grows and moves forward, we will share results and insights with you.

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