Chondrosarcoma Foundation will host the Fourth Virtual Dialogue on Saturday, April 30 at 1:00PM EST / New York time VIA Zoom

The Chondrosarcoma Foundation, Inc. will host their fourth International Forum / Virtual Dialogue featuring the following prominent experts to address new innovations, findings and technologies to improve the treatment of Chondrosarcoma.

Anthony P. Conley, M.D. will review the clinical trials he conducted using INBRX-109, the medication recently granted orphan-drug designation by the FDA to treat conventional chondrosarcoma as well as the future role medications like INBRX-109 will have in treating Chondrosarcoma.

William Cross, Ph.D. will discuss genetic mutations found in chondrosarcoma cells that may have direct implications for patient outcome; namely that people with a specific mutation combination (in the genes IDH1 and TERT) do worse, hence they should perhaps be given more attention upfront. He discusses the need for testing the presence of these biomarkers following diagnosis, which is done for other cancer types and is easy and cost effective in the modern oncology clinic.

Janet Mauro will discuss the NORD: IAMRARE® Patient Registry Platform, currently being used by over 40 Foundation members organizations, nonprofits and advocacy groups representing individuals with rare diseases. She will identify the benefits of implementing a Patient Registry / Natural History Study, the type of information collected and how patient-entered data can be used to advance research and treatment. Ms. Mauro will also address concerns about security, privacy, confidentiality and other relevant issues.

Date: Saturday, April 30, 2022

Time: 1:00PM – 2:30PM (Eastern Standard Time / New York)

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