Chondrosarcoma Foundation Introduces a new Patient Guide: Making the Decision to enroll in a Clinical Trial.

Typically after surgery, it is important to know what post-surgical options are available. Making the decision to enroll in a clinical trial is one of those options and maybe one of the most important decisions chondrosarcoma patients and their families will have to make. It is important to know what a clinical trial offers, what is required and its potential benefits and risks. With the assistance of our Patient and Family Advisors, the Chondrosarcoma Foundation has created a guide to introduce the elements involved in what constitutes a clinical trial and what you need to know to help you make the decision to enroll in a trial.

For example, the guide explains that the Informed consent document provides you with all the key information about a research study before you decide whether to accept the opportunity to participate. It is very important that you fully understand the terms, conditions, risks, benefits and any related covered and/or out of pocket costs of the clinical trial including travel expenses before you consent to enroll in the trial. All of that information is included in the Informed Consent Document.