Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day Tribute to Parker Jeffrey Morgan

With Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day: February 6, less than two months away, we want to share stories of our community / our family who provide us with inspiration. Some of our members lost their battle with Chondrosarcoma. Others are surviving, leading productive lives with the help of surgery, radiation, orphan medications and clinical trials.

Our first dedication is Parker Jeffrey Morgan. At the young age of 21 with his whole life ahead of him, Parker lost his battle with Conventional Chondrosarcoma Grade 3. He passed away in March of this year. For a young man, Parker lived his life to the fullest. He was fearless, an adventurer, a world traveler, and an explorer. Parker loved life, loved people, loved his family and loved God. He was athletic and won a track scholarship to Utah Valley University. When he was diagnosed with CS, he faced his battle with dignity and with the fearlessness he had in his life. Even before he left this world; he left with no fear and love in his heart.

Let us remember the life Parker, his story, his life and his heroic struggle with this beast. In Parker’s name, we honor his memory, his legacy and vow to keep fighting.