Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day First Tribute to Pete Musto

First Tribute for Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day

We are five weeks away from hosting Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day on February 6 (Shayna’s heavenly 33rd birthday). This is our international effort to educate the public about this rare bone cancer and to build a coalition to support more research and clinical trials. The more attention we create, the more support we generate.

Here is all we ask:
We ask that you join us in wearing Yellow and post pictures wearing Yellow on social media platforms using the hashtag: #cswecare #chondrosarcoma #chondrosarcomafoundation We also ask that you reach out and educate your family, friends and co-workers about chondrosarcoma, help them understand that we need to bring awareness to fight this deadly beast and encourage them to join us by simply going to our website to add their name and email address to our petition:

In addition, we use Chondrosarcoma Awareness Day: February 6, to share stories of our community / our family who provide us with inspiration. Each week before February 6, we share a new story about a member of our community. Some of our members lost their battle with Chondrosarcoma, others are surviving, leading productive lives with the help of surgery, radiation, orphan medications and clinical trials. Last year we paid tribute to Parker Jeffrey Morgan who at the young age of 21 with his whole life ahead of him lost his battle with Conventional Chondrosarcoma Grade 3. We were honored to share the story of Amber Sarcone, a special education teacher and a guidance counselor at a Charter School in Philadelphia and a Super Fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. Amber has conventional chondrosarcoma which evolved from Osteochondroma which she had before her second birthday.

This week, we pay tribute to Pete Musto. Pete was an electrical engineer, worked on he Space Shuttle and a father of a family of five children. Pete lost his battle from conventional chondrosarcoma grade 2/3 which originated in his larynx last March. He is survived by his wife Jennifer, who remains active in our foundation honoring Pete’s legacy as well as their five children.

Please take a few minutes to read our tribute honoring Pete Musto.