Chondrosarcoma CS Foundation Board of Directors

Volunteer Board Staff

Director of Fundraising: Chana Kramer is currently a paraprofessional for Chapel Forge Early Education Center in Bowie, Maryland and getting her Master’s degree in Early Childhood and Special Education. “Shayna was my big sister and I have made it my goal in life to honor her legacy and honor her wish of educating the public about Chondrosarcoma to get support for patients and families struggling from this rare bone and soft tissue cancer.”

Director of Social Media: Nicole Lomax served as a peer educator, camp counselor and advocate throughout her time as a student at Bowie State University while earning her bachelor of science in History. Today, Nicole proudly serves for the Chondrosarcoma Foundation, where she intends to help keep Shayna’s legacy alive through service and commitment to ensuring that people diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma receive the attention and care that they deserve. Shayna was a dear friend for over a decade and Nicole continues to be inspired by her dedication to friends, family and community.